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Rock 'n' Roll Dance Classes are back in 2021

Restart 2021 for LMNG Blog
Honestly, it has felt like the day would never come that we would be able to announce some element of a comeback.


During the past year we have all faced challenges and hardship along the Covid journey since its start back in early 2020.

Despite it all, we are so grateful and thankful that finally, the NSW Government has relaxed restrictions, however, as a business, we must maintain and uphold our Covid Safety Plan to remain active and avoid hefty fines for breaches.

Therefore, the 1.5sqm rule still applies at entry and exits of venues and the 2sqm rule applies in all our venues. As in the past please help us by taking care of yourself and others, being responsible and respectful.

If you are unwell or sick, please do not show up for class.

At the front desk we will provide:

- A Hand Sanitiser pump

- Glen 20

- Cleaning Wipes

- Masks and gloves are optional, highly recommended, please supply your own

In order to make a seamless transition back to the dance floor, we have had many discussions about the best approach/course of action balancing all aspects of running and operating a business along with the clubs and their guidelines and most importantly in upkeep of current Government guidelines.

We also would like to be upfront that Petar and I both maintain full-time jobs. As much as we would love for dancing to be our life night and day every day we need to be realistic about the present and also the future.

What does the restart look like:

* 1 Rock 'n' Roll class available at Penrith RSL on Monday Night starting at 7pm

* 1 Rock 'n' Roll class available at Castle Hill Bowling Club on Thursday Night starting at 7pm

* You will have to pre-register to attend classes (unfortunately, no just turning up on the night)

* The 1 class at each venue will have a maximum capacity of 12 couples (24 people). Yes, we still have a restriction according to the COVID Safety Plan.

* The classes will run for 45mins and we ask you to arrive at least 5 - 10minutes prior and leave once your class has ended

* It is highly recommended that these classes will not have a rotational line as yet. As unpopular as this decision will be (and we know we will be the subject of quite a bit of backlash for this but sincerely ask you to be patient) all we can say is if you are single we encourage you to organise/arrange a partner to attend with you (preferrably someone who has danced before)

* The Rock 'n' Roll class at Penrith RSL and Castle Hill Bowling Club is being introduced in the effort to bring back students who have attended classes in the past/pre-COVID

* During the first 10 weeks we will not introduce a beginners course/introductory lesson. If you have completed our beginners course in the past we encourage you to register and commence back with us as all our students will need an introduction back to lessons and lots of practice to regain their pre-covid conditioning.

* These initial classes have been reinstated for a period of 10 weeks at which time we will revise demand and look to introduce a beginners course from that point and adjust the timetable accordingly

* Please be adaptive and flexible to club rules especially any entry and exit rules that may apply, especially if each club has their own rules. You will be required to check-in at both clubs as they will need to maintain their own records and comply with their COVID safety plans. The clubs are looking forward to having us back.

* At any time classes may be suspended or canceled due to Government or Club directions/restrictions

How do you book?

Visit COVID Classes on the Let's Moove N Groove website, copy and paste the link:

1. Click the Register button for the class/event you want to register for.

2. A popup will appear with the selected event/class (Leave the QTY at 2)

3. You can add more classes/events by clicking the Add more classes/events button.

4. Once you are done adding all the classes you want to attend, click on the checkout button

5. Enter all the information, then click on Process Registration, if you pick PayPal you will be taken there to complete the payment, if you have chosen offline details for direct deposit will be provided.

6. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

7. That's it.


Will this be ongoing?

At this point, we are taking a careful, cautious, and conservative approach to the restart (many of you will know the attempt to restart last year and before we knew it, we were in lockdown again).

We are aiming to introduce the timetable similar to pre-covid after the initial 10 weeks.

In saying that, the process of booking for classes online will remain and simply turning up on the night will most likely be a thing of the past.

Why are you not bringing back a rotational line?

The short and simple answer is, to comply with our Covid Safety Plan as is the mandatory requirement by our Government and it is recommended to not have a rotational line.

As already mentioned, we encourage singles to organise/pre-arrange a partner to attend with them.

My partner and I only completed a 5-week beginner course?

Everyone is going to be feeling lost and a little out of step on their return. We would love for you and your partner to return to these 1st 10 weeks. You will be surprised at how well you will just get back into it and pick it all up again. Remember learning takes trying, an open mind and a can-do/will do attitude.

When will you introduce a beginners course?

Yes, we are taking a slow and steady approach. Beginner classes will make a comeback. At this stage, we are planning for a Beginner's class after the initial 10 weeks and sooner if everything is going well and we have had no disruptions/interruptions.

Why can't I hang around to catch up with my friends?

Dancing is a fun and social activity. The recommendation is that you participate in the dance class and catch up in the bar/coffee lounge at the respective clubs' pre or after your lesson. Just save the dance class for the purpose of dancing. Again it is all in the effort to reduce the risk of exposure/time spent with others and comply with our Covid Safety Plan.

Petar and I are so thrilled to be starting again. We would like to thank you all in advance for your support, understanding, and cooperation.

Should you have any further questions or wish to express your joy in our restart all your love and positive comments are always appreciated. The best method of reaching us is via email, text message, or Facebook message.

Yours in dance,

Petar and Amanda


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