Upcoming events

Well, 2021 has been one of those years where you wish it did not exist, we managed to start up at the end of last year and it was short-lived with restrictions kicking back on. We all know about the COVID-19 pandemic by now and the way it's affected so many businesses in one way or another. So here is our attempt to get up and running at the end of 2021.

We will be starting classes from Monday 1st November 2021, we have decided to bring back the beginners course and also run the intermediate classes on a Monday and Thursday night, each class will have the same content.  The reason for this is to maximize the opportunity for our existing students to get mooving and grooving.

The other big change is we need everyone to register for the class in advance and have to go contactless and there will be several conditions of entry as well, listed below:-

Conditions of Entry:-

1. You must arrange your own partner there will be no rotation and you must stay with this partner throughout the whole class. We will not be taking registrations for individuals at this time. We hope this will change next year in 2022. 

2. You must book and pay before the night via PayPal (Online) or via direct deposit (Offline). We cannot accept payment on the night and this keeps it fair for everyone to make sure that those that book actually turn up, unless point 3 happens then don't turn up.

3. You MUST NOT ATTEND a dance class even if you have paid for it, if you a) feel unwell with COVID-19 symptoms b) are awaiting a COVID-19 test result, c) have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or is awaiting test results or d) have traveled overseas or been to any of the current hotspots within the last 14 days.

4. If you are not feeling well and cannot make the booked class please let us know in advance at least 24hrs so that we can give the spot to another person.

5. You must maintain Physical Distancing at all times of 1.5 metres between yourself and others, when not on the floor. When on the floor each couple is to remain in their designated area. 

6. You will still need to wear a mask while moving indoors through the clubs. They can be removed once the class starts. If you feel uncomfortable being in close proximity with someone we highly recommend that you wear a mask.

The above also applies outside the room the classes are conducted in.

7. You are not to greet other students/dancers with a hug, kiss or by shaking hands. A simple nod or wave will have to do, again refer to point 5.

8. Allow those that have booked will be permitted into the room, no spectators, or the like.

9. You must have the SERVICE NSW app and be able to check-in by scanning a QR code. You will also need to show proof of double vaccination to gain entry to the clubs we teach at. 

10. There will be a designated entry and exit point, please keep an eye out for it and make sure you abide by it. This is to prevent crowding and to create flow.

11. We will be encouraging students/dancers to leave as soon as the class is finished. It's basically going to be a rock-up do your class and then go situation. As we need time to clean the room and touchpoints after the classes.

How to use the online system:-

Each event is essentially one class, be mindful of the times/venue you pick as you will not be able to change them after you register. The qty is set to 2 by default as we can only accept BYO partners.

1. Click the Register button for the class/event you want to register for.
2. A popup will appear with the selected event/class (Leave the QTY at 2)
3. You can add more classes/events by clicking the Add more classes/events button.
4. Once you are done adding all the classes you want to attend, click on the checkout button
5. Enter all the information, then click on Process Registration, if you pick PayPal you will be taken there to complete the payment, if you have chosen offline details for the direct deposit will be provided via an automated email.
6. That's it.

Upcoming Classes


Intermediate RnR - Castle Hill

02-12-2021 8:00 pm -8:45 pm
Intermediate RnR - Castle Hill Learn new moves and patterns every week with differing levels of difficulty taught throughout the hour. This class is suited to those that have previously completed our Beginner course.

Intermediate RnR - Penrith

06-12-2021 8:00 pm -8:45 pm
Intermediate RnR - Penrith Learn new moves and patterns every week with differing levels of difficulty taught throughout the hour. This class is suited to those that have previously completed our Beginner course.