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How to learn Rock n Roll to improve your fitness and well being?

Believe it or not but we can all learn Rock n Roll dancing and just like everything in life it takes the desire to want to try, the willingness to try, the open mind to take in new ideas and concepts and of course the standard operation of loads of practice, positive energy, patience, perseverance and plenty of smiles.

We all learn at different rates and paces, some of us enjoy the technical, practical and spiritual aspects of learning, some of us need to only watch once and do, others just need to do, or some need to be told and do and there is a large majority of us that like a well-rounded learning experience that encompasses all our senses.

So, what do these philosphies and theories have to do with Rock n Roll? Well, just take in all the education and training that you have received in your lifetime through, school, college and work and think about what makes anything else in life different? Everything has a certain degree of similarity and most of our education and training may cross over and be applied to different aspects of life for example heaving lifting operating procedures to protect your spine/back, organising the office desk to organising the kitchen table, filing documents at the office to filing documents at home. I can hear you now, thinking oh yes and this is just all common sense…well yes and what is common sense and where does it come from? Well, many connotate that common sense is just that common sense, a sound practical judgement of knowing what is obviously right and wrong, good and bad. But let me not loose you now so I will moove very quickly to where it comes from THE BRAIN! Our brain according to The Franklin Institute is an organ…okay we already knew that! But did you know that it is actually a THINKING organ? (Damn, there goes anyone ever answering with the word NOTHING to the question Whatchya Thinking???)

The brain learns and grows through interaction, preception and action. Just like our body needs activity and fuel like exercise, food and water our brain needs stimulating. Stimulation may improve brain function and may protect against cognitive decline as does physical exercise and Rock n Roll dancing is a form of physical exercise. Psychologist James Blumenthal states the long term importance of exercise for brain function. “We know that in general, exercise improves the heart’s ability to pump blood more effectively, as well as increases blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity…it is thought that one of the reasons why the elderly - especially those with coronary artery disease or hypertension – tend to suffer some degree of cognitive decline is in part due to a reduction in blood flow to the brain.”

There are some very simple activities to keep the mind open and active for example use the opposite hand to control the computer mouse - difficult, slow and hard to control at first but the brain is actively working to learn a new skill. Keep at it each day for at least 20 minutes a day and your brain overtime will develop the necessary skills and memory to coordinate such a task as well as using the same one hand that we all think is stronger but actually it is just that the skill for that hand is more developed because of the years of practice. Other activities include taking up a hobby, learning a new language and of course you can keep the mind active by engaging in activities that involve others, that way it will be more fun and more enjoyable like the good ol’ fun ol’ Rock n Roll dancing with LMNG. Rock n Roll dancing with LMNG is one big stimulating environment for the brain or in simple terms good ol’ fun ol’ party for the brain that will just need the same time and attention to develop the skill and technique that we use for anything in our life and work whilst receiving exercise and enjoyment.

At LMNG we are strong believers that Rock n Roll dancing over many other styles of dance is truly a community activity, that engages people and allows people the opportunity to interact, grow, be happy and be apart of something. Rock n Roll dancing is so life fulfiling and can bring that balance back to your life because it could just be that something for you to look forward to each week. We have seen first hand how the Rock n Roll dancing culture turns a frown into a smile, a person who lacks self-confidence into someone who improves their confidence and esteem.

We hope that you enjoyed this article from the team at LMNG and we have plans for future articles along a similar theme. If you would be interested to read more about our thoughts, values and beliefs or have your own thoughts, values and beliefs, why not drop us a quick email or post a comment below.

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