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Penrith Hot Rod Show

Penrith's Hot Rod Show on Sunday, 17th March 2013 was a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House at Penrith Panthers, Mulgoa Road.

Once again the team of Rock 'n' Roll and Swing Dancers from Let's Moove N Groove Dance Studio were in attendance with the amazing crew from Vintage Fm 87.6 until 12 noon.

We bumped into the fabulous duo from the Remixes and were able to have a dance from 12pm - 1pm. Even though the team were only there for a short time we definitely had lots of fun. Ronald McDonald popped by and had a quick rock 'n' roll hokey pokey dance with us.

Community festivals provide much needed awareness, attention and funds to good causes and are mainly not-for-profit. Most community festivals are organised and run by individuals or very small teams volunteering their time to get off the ground these fantastic, fun and vibrant festivals filled with loads of appealing activities and entertainment. To read more about the family rooms at Nepean Hospital which are currently underway or to donate or volunteer your time, please view the .pdf file by clicking here.

Thank you to our members that continually take time away from their family and friends to always support these great and positive causes. Maybe you can join us next time.



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