Ready for the Charleston Challenge Downunder Record AttemptAfter an amazing turn out and effort at the Charleston Challenge Downunder world record attempt at Leura Mall in the beautiful Blue Mountains, for which we are just awaiting confirmation that could take up to 6 weeks. We celebrated that evening at Hazelbrook Bowling Club with a wonderful dinner/dance.

Many thanks to all who attended including a contingent from Coffs Harbour, Central Coast, Sydney, North, South and Western Sydney, Penrith and the Blue Mountains. A wonderful 2 course buffet by Paul and Vicki at Gourmet Catering and a very professional team that serviced us that evening.

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Get read to Swing Dance with the Lemon Squeezin DaddiesSUMMER FLING SWING 2013, ONLY 1 SLEEP AWAY...

Don't miss out and wish afterwards that you should have gone!

Share with your friends and family, instead of doing nothing, come out and enjoy yourself with other friendly people!

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Good Ol time @ Hazo bowlingDINNER/DANCE at Hazelbrook Bowling Club

Following the Charleston Challenge Downunder World Record Attempt at Leura Mall on Saturday, 2nd February 2013 book in to enjoy an evening at Hazelbrook Bowling Club which is located in the Glorious Gloria Park on Bonnie View Avenue. The club itself was built in 1950 so remember to dress to impress on the night.

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Rock n Lawn Bowls 2012 Group PhotoLMNG's Halloween Rock 'n' Lawn Bowls event was celebrated on Saturday, 27th October 2012 with a touch of terrifying colour and a pinch of scary characters. The event was held at Rydalmere Bowling Club on Victoria Road. The day began with the following students attaining their Bronze Level Medal in Rock 'n' Roll dancing: Michael; Megan, Rebecca, Emma-Lee, Darcy, John, Sharen, Madinah and Phillip. Congratulations to each of them and we look forward to continued development and achievement of higher levels.

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Christmas message from Petar and Amanda PavlovicWell, another year just rushes through and we are days away from another end to a new beginning in 2013.

If you are feeling like us you are probably excited that dancing takes a break at this time but are also disappointed cause it really is so much fun to learn something each week and keep the mind alive and the body active through dance.

We see Christmas and New Year as definitely a time to celebrate and be surrounded by love and joy no matter what our circumstances or no matter how we live. More importantly it is this time of year that should be used as a time of reflection and much needed rest and recovery and to be able to prioritise and regain focus for another year.


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SS Minnow comes to Castle Hill Bowling ClubSaturday, 15th December 2012 saw the Castle Hill Bowling Club filled to capacity with LMNG Dance members and their friends and family. The night was filled with tropical colour and many eccentric and out of the box themes. Special mentions to Giligan's Island what a very memorable group, you surely deserved to win Best Dressed because it was so creative and thank you to Wayne for singing their theme song!

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Kids Rock n Roll and Swing Dance Classes


In 2013, Let's Moove N Groove Dance Studio are proud to present Kids Dance Classes for children aged 8 years - 15 years in the styles of Rock 'n' Roll and Lindy Hop/Swing.

Both these styles of dance are a partner dance and they will help your child develop team skills, partnering skills, decision making skills and increase there ability to interact and socialise with others. Dedicating time to a sport in this case Dancing and having clear goals and a focus will help your child develop discipline and expel energy creatively. Dancing is all about body movement and being in time with music and partner dancing is all of this and so much more.

We truly hope you will help us keep these nostalgic dances of the past alive and introduce a new generation of dancers into the Rock 'n' Roll and Swing communities.

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Everglades Vintage and Retro festival is on this weekend 17th - 18th November 2012 from 10am - 4pm.

What can you, your family and your friends enjoy during the 2 day festival:

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WOW yes it is back and we have finally been able to sit down for a few hours every day this week to compile as best we could an updated Dancers Gig Guide for the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. There is always work to be done and many more bands and clubs to add. For instance Granville RSL has bands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but do not have them listed on a Website, Smithfield RSL has bands every weekend and I have yet to complete the list, Club Marconi does a Rock 'n' Roll night once a month and so forth. 

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Last chance for 2012 to start the journey to learn to dance:

ROCK 'N' ROLL in The Mountains, The Hills, Western Sydney and Penrith. See below for details.
LINDY HOP/SWING in the Parramatta/Granville area. See below for details.

Rock 'n' Roll

With thanks to the many classic Rock 'n' Roll bands, musicians, artists and songs we have today the chance to preserve a part of history that brought joy, happiness and life to the lives of many teenagers and adults. Growing up in the 50s and 60s in Australia saw a rise in affluence. In the 50s Australia enjoyed the most even income distribution of any western industrialized nation. The 60s saw Australia turn from a predominately primary industry to manufacturing. According to CLICK HERE "Australia had started to become a “mini America” with a multicultural society."

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