We get asked quite often by our students that attend our Rock n Roll dance classes what songs are great for practicing there Rock n Roll dancing too. So thought it was about time I listed a few. So in the I have ordered the songs by speed. The large majority of the songs can be obtained from either bigpond music or itunes.


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We get asked quite often by our students that attend our Lindy Hop dance classes what songs are great for practicing there Lindy Hop dancing too. So thought it was about time I listed a few. So in the I have ordered the songs by speed. The large majority of the songs can be obtained from either bigpond music or itunes.

So happy Lindy hop practicing.


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Anzac DayJoin us this Thursday 25th April 2013 at Castle Hill Bowling Club for our Rock 'n' Roll Dance Classes. It is priority for us to ensure that we provide all our students the opportunity to continue to train in the chosen form of dance with us regardless of whether you have just started or come along every week. It is exceptionally important that we maintain and continue to be consistent in our delivery especially when we have short routines being taught across multiple weeks or a set course structure for our members that have just started with us. For your effort in attending our dance classes on this public holiday Thursday, 25th April 2013 at Castle Hill Bowling Club, we will have a special treat for all our students participating at our Rock 'n' Roll dance classes. You will have to be there to know - no amount of texting, phone calls or emails will give the surprise away!!!

Would you be ever so kind and help us get out on time this Thursday by taking your glasses and bottles to the bar and pushing in your chairs.

Please remember to take care on our roads this week with Double Demerit Points Scheme in full operation for 5 days across Anzac week. Offences that attract double demerit points include: all speeding offences; all seatbelt and child restraint offences; and all motorcycle helmet offences. The period of time is from midnight Wednesday, 24th April 2013 to midnight Sunday, 28th April 2013 (inclusive).

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Partner dancing is great for your mind, body and soul...

Medical research and projects relating to the health benefits of dance have been conducted for decades. There are many reports that conclude that dancing in deed has many health benefits. Dancing may: 

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Your dance journey - your pace, your way

What to do next? 

So, you have just completed your 1st five weeks of dance classes either Rock 'n' Roll dancing or Lindy Hop dancing with Let's Moove N Groove Dance & DJ and you found that it is definitely something for you or something for you and your partner. Bottom line, you found something you love and you enjoy and something that fits in with your life and lifestyle. Dancing can now be part of your life and for a long-time and you want more.

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Easter a time for rest, going away, spending quality time with the family or catching up with friends, eating lots of chocolate, cooking food and sharing a meal and lets not forget the wine! Easter is celebrated in so many different ways and those who are religious Easter means a great deal more as Easter is the oldest festival in the Christian Church that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ (son of God) 3 days after his death from being crucified on a cross. We would say that for all of us (religious or not) in some small way Easter is a time for reflection whether it be for ourselves, families or whether we take the time to realise and acknowledge death and also celebrate and rejoice life and living.  

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SPECIAL OFFER from Simon at Hilary Nathan Photography:

Over the last few festivals Simon has been able to capture some great photos of our members dancing in the street or walking in the parades at Penrith. He has given our members an exclusive offer for individual portrait, profile or portfolio photos.

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Ronald McDonald has a dance with Lets Moove n Groove Dance & DJPenrith's Hot Rod Show on Sunday, 17th March 2013 was a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House at Penrith Panthers, Mulgoa Road. Once again the team of Rock 'n' Roll and Swing Dancers from Let's Moove N Groove Dance Studio were in attendance with the amazing crew from Vintage Fm 87.6 until 12 noon.

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Let's Moove n Groove Vintage Rock n Roll DancersOn Saturday, 16th March 2013 Hight Street, Penrith was alive with colour, glamour, dancers in the sky and on the street, impersonators, singers, performers and entertainers. The spirit was high, the weather fabulous!

Our dance studio (Let's Moove N Groove) along with many dancers and the wonderful and friendly team at Vintage FM 87.6 were in attendance. Vintage FM were one of the sponsors for the festival and went to an amazing effort to organise a black and white floor for our team to dance on! Thanks a million! It really made the photos taken look very impressive. If you haven't been in the car to listen to 87.6 then you can listen from your computer visit their website by clicking here.

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The team at Let's Moove N Groove supports local community festivals by providing fun and vibrant dance demonstrations that help create a positive and friendly atmosphere that is generally enjoyed by all. We have a love for dance and music and that is why we love the crew at Vintage FM 87.6 and will be alongside them at the Penrith Rock 'n' Rowing Festival and other festivals this year. We share the same love and passion for hits gone by from artists like Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Johnny O'Keefe, Bobby Darin and many more.

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