ImageWe know that the large majority of the population thinks about doing new stuff, or allocating time to learning something new, or thinking about wanting to experience or have an experience and that is always a good start. We also definitely know that many have the ability to put it off and come up with lots of valid reasons why they cannot. Our question is “Are they valid reasons or just excuses?”. We will leave that for you to answer.



Dancing has been a key ingredient and component of life since the dawn of the ages. From tribal and cultural dancers and dancing that are created and formed from the experiences and expressions of life and tell some amazing life stories for example hunting and gathering or dancing in celebration to the catching of fish or birthdays to more formal and structured dancers that require dance lessons and dance classes or the ever wonderful bopping, stepping, rocking and tapping your feet at parties, weddings, in the car, shower, nightclubs, pubs and around the home. In one way or another whether you would like to admit it or not, dancing brings meaning and joy to life and the lives of everyone.

We are sure that as the party season fast approaches and the peak for weddings are here, you will be collecting invitations to attend. We would like to help you resolve one of the biggest parts of the celebration at the event, wedding, christmas party, birthday party, engagement and welcome you to come and learn how to dance Rock n Roll. Rock n Roll dancing will open your doors and bring fun, laughter, joy, friendship and the ability to socialise with others and move and groove on the dance floor with a partner or just bop and rock your night away with friends. Our style is from the 50s/60s and is considered to be one of the easiest footwork styles to learn as you have to move your feet every beat. We dance to 6 beats of music (1.5 bars) and the footwork is sounded as Tap, Step, Tap, Step, Back, Replace. There are other variations to footwork style, but this is the one you will learn regularly with us. We do run extra curricular workshops and can do private lessons for other variations desired.

If you have never bopped, or never rocked, or if you have never moved and grooved on a dance floor in your life, then we sincerely welcome you to our classes. We have a beginners course that runs for 5 weeks that will surely get you started. Please send Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ an enquiry via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the office on 02 8786 1220. You may also leave a comment or feedback to this post and we will endeavour to get back to you.

Please we urge you not to put off Learning to Dance any longer. Don’t just wish you had done something, or procrastinate about doing something, or find excuses and reasons why you cannot. Actually, come along and do something. Make your wish come true and Learn to Rock n Roll dance with Let’s Moove n Groove. Make learning to dance in your life a priority and make time by allocating some hours once a week to learn.

There are only 2 more beginner courses left for 2011 (that is only 10 weeks). So book yourself in or just turn up at one of our venues at 6:45pm to learn to Rock n Roll dance:

2011 Week 1 of a 5 week beginner course start dates:
3rd October – 6th October
7th November – 10th November
2012 Week 1 of a 5 week beginner course start dates:
30th January – 2nd February
5th March – 8th March
9th April – 12th April
Our venues include Penrith RSL on a Monday night, Granville RSL on a Tuesday night, Hazelbrook Bowling Club on a Wednesday night, Castle Hill Bowling Club on a Thursday night.

We hope you have enjoyed another quality blog post by the team at Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ