The 4th – 8th July 2011 saw over 150 people enjoying the energetic, fully pumped, colourful and highly entertained dance class week. Every night LMNG gave away Gift Certificates, CD’s, DVD’s and photo frames. The prizes were varied in their purpose: gift certificates for best dressed, CD’s and DVD’s for others that put in an amazing effort and made it difficult for the principles to choose. Congratulations to all that won and there were many especially Friday night when LMNG doubled-up the prizes and included signed CD’s by Dwayne Elix.

Many wonderful thanks to all the Moovers N Groovers that took up the incentive to attend multiple nights in the same week for free. We appreciate your commitment, support and travelling around like we do. It really is so much fun and dancing especially Rock n Roll does bring so much joy to life.

The line up for the week included:

MONDAY NIGHT – Craig Byrne
TUESDAY NIGHT – The Rockin Heartbeats (Mark, David, Calvin & Darren)
FRIDAY NIGHT – Dwayne Elix (Solo Performance)

Many thanks to each performer who took time out and away from family to be with our group. Now, it is time for all the Moovers N Groovers to continue supporting the performers and the bands by enjoying some time out at the local clubs, pubs and RSL’s where they will be performing.

We hope you enjoy the photos, highlighting all the fun and energy. We look forward to doing this again for our dancers in the future.

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