Learning to dance can be, awkward, difficult, daunting, terrifying and on the flip side partner dancing can be amazing, exciting, fun and rewarding all at the same time.
Learning to dance is a process, you start as a new student or 'newbie' and after coming to lessons with a keen interest in what you are learning, you do become more comfortable, confident and your enjoyment levels increase. The essentials such as your basics, personal and technical skills and your knowledge all increase over time. From past experience we generally find significant improvement around 20 - 30 hours of learning. Like all other partner dance styles attending only one lesson per week or when you can with no practice outside of the dance class environment will delay the learning process and exacerbate any negative or ill thoughts or feelings toward learning to dance or the dance style. The time it takes to learn to partner dance does vary from person to person and can be impacted either positively or negatively based on past experiences, reasons for learning, values, attitudes, learning behaviour, previous dance experience, interest levels and more... We generally find that students who make a habit, prioritise and committ to attending group dance classes regularly combined with some practice outside of dance classes accelerate the learning process. Those that are hungry and eager to learn too dance and possess some of the following traits will find it easier to succeed at partner dancing and dance classes in general:
  • determination 
  • positive thinking 
  • goal orientated 
  • not afraid to make mistakes 
  • willingness to try and keep trying again and again 
  • maintains an open mind to learning 
  • curious 
  • focused 
  • disciplined 
  • committed 
  • patient 
  • social 
  • willingness to coordinate and participate as part of a team 
  • attend dance classes for all the right reasons - this is an important one, and one that would require an article dedicated to it!
When students attend classes for all the right reasons, most commonly to learn too partner dance, we find that they are active contributors and participate in a positive way at dance classes, socials and events. They show a keen interest in the dance and dance styles, strive to develop all the necessary and essential skills and techniques required to be the best lead or follow that they can be. Dance students that harness their thoughts, refocus their energy, use their fears to movitate themselves to overcome and succeed, usually will. As you progress you'll learn that partner dancing is more than just learning set routines or trying to learn the most steps/figures. Never rush your learning experience, have the patience and willingness to go through the motions and always remember that learning to dance is a journey not a destination. “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” —Dan Gilbert We hope you will continue to choose partner dancing Rock 'n' Roll or Lindy Hop in your life. Join us as we learn to live life on the dance-floor. www.letsmoovengroove.com.au
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