Your dance journey - your pace, your way

What to do next? 

So, you have just completed your 1st five weeks of dance classes either Rock 'n' Roll dancing or Lindy Hop dancing with Let's Moove N Groove Dance & DJ and you found that it is definitely something for you or something for you and your partner. Bottom line, you found something you love and you enjoy and something that fits in with your life and lifestyle. Dancing can now be part of your life and for a long-time and you want more.

That burning desire and passion for more is always positive as it is half the battle. There is no point doing something if there is no light or happiness in doing it. In the case of partnerships/relationships, we do generally find that 1 partner is more into dancing then the other and we tend to suggest that the partner that hasn't quite got into it, should take a breath and look for something that they can enjoy and then the dancing part is made much easier. For example not quite into the dancing but your partner is and you love all the social activities that the group participates in, you are into cars and the music, well focus on the fact that your partner loves it and that the benefits are there for you too with social gatherings and other occasions that you can look forward too. Okay, so moving right along as we could talk on this subject forever...

First things first, it must be stated that dancing is not 'INSTANT', there is no miracle machine or computer that will have you dancing properly in minutes or hours. It requires your love, commitment and dedication to practice and hunger to want to do it well and look good too. So, here is a time-line that we hope will assist you all in figuring out how to proceed with your dancing and dance journey:

Style Time Frame Description
Lindy Hop Minimum 3 - 6 months (Basics) Lindy Hop is quite an athletic dance and is definitely not for the faint hearted. It requires a person/partnership that is dedicated and committed to learning as it will probably take years.
  Ongoing Keep up the spirit and love for the dance by constantly reviewing your basics, continue to improve your technique and style. Extra training on leg and core strength may also prove to be beneficial. As your training continues so to will your repertoire of moves. Remember to apply your knowledge and practice socially.
Rock 'n' Roll Week 1 - 5  Focus on the 1st hour from 7pm - 8pm. Gain an understanding of the footwork and the importance that each role leader/follower plays.
  Week 6 - 10 Focus on the 1st hour from 7pm - 8pm. Understand the importance of facilitating movement and leading/directing the follower in and out of a variety of moves. For those that have gained this understanding in the 1st 5 weeks then stay for the second class from 8pm - 8:30pm. The second class should allow the leader to learn something new whilst receiving the revision from the 1st hour.
  Week 11 - 15 Use the 1st two classes as warm up and revision. You may have received feedback from the instructors/trainers and it is always useful to practice good technique in your basic classes. For many of you it is that time to add another 30 minutes and try the last class 8:30pm - 9pm. Each week you need to put in a couple of hours of training. This can be done on the same night or split across 2 plus get some social practice in.
  Week 15 - 20 Again use the 1st two classes as warm up and revision. If you have received feedback from the instructors/traininers then these basic classes are great to practice good technique. Some of you who are in partnerships may like to try rotating as this will help give you a better understanding and appreciation of the roles of leader and follower. This is the time to try the whole of the last class which is 8:30pm - 9:30pm. Remember to always incorporate extra practice time by going out and socially dancing.
  Ongoing Continue training and then take time to go out and practice. Have a look at our gig guide for venues supporting bands and dancers. Friday night at Rydalmere Bowling Club is always a good place to start. Be nice to yourself and your partner, understand, have patience and respect that everyone is different and learns at different rates and paces. 

Yes, there are ways to be more intensive and gain greater results in a shorter time frame and this can be achieved through receiving dance tuition by attending multiple dance class nights in the same week, practice out socially to bands and or DJ's (see Friday night social at Rydalmere Bowling Club), or booking private lessons weekly for 1 on 1 training/tuition. 

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