Since the advent of television, computers, modern technical devices, IPads, IPods, XBox and other electronic game devices the dance culture has somewhat been impacted. Back in the good ol' days of the 50s and 60s, when men, women and children would enjoy a stroll in the park, pick up sticks, knuckles using pebbles or stones, playing in the yard and going out dancing every night of the week, especially the Saturday night dancers. Life couldn't have been anymore simplier and joyous. Yes, social skills were developed, the ability to interact with one another and lead a somewhat normal existence without the pressures of keeping up with the "Jones's" or what was more fashionable, trendy or otherwise deemed cool.

 As stated by Living Family History on their website and for the full article Click Here

"It was not unusual to mix with several age groups at a Ball, from teenagers to grandparents.  Some were more formal than others.  Debutants paraded with their partners and were presented to a senior figure at the Catholic, Anglican and Masonic Balls, while ex-servicemen wore their medals on their mess jackets or dinner suits at the Military Balls.  The Bushwackers Ball was probably the most informal, where a riotous time of good fun was had by all.

Dancing to Rock 'n Roll music, jiving, followed fairly closely after the release of the movie, "Blackboard Jungle", with it's theme song, "Rock Around the Clock", performed by Bill Haley and the Comets.  Argueably this was the start of Rock 'n Roll in Australia at least.  It soon became the most popular dance step for teenagers as it was not as difficult to learn as some of the other steps, and allowed a fair bit of free expression."

We look forward to more people, adults, teenagers and children getting involved in dance and being apart of the preservation of something that was more then just a dance step or style. Rock 'n' Roll or Rock and Roll was a way of life, a culture, part of normal life event and activities which was generally enjoyed every night of the week.

So, don't delay book in for a Rock 'n' Roll dance course and get started with learning the basic Rock 'n' Roll steps, so you to can enjoy something special and great. Here are some great venues to get started with Week 1 being the BEST week to start or visit our locations for future dates.

Monday at Penrith RSL - Monday, 9th April 2012

Tuesday at Granville RSL - Tuesday, 10th April 2012 (Parramatta Area(s))

Wednesday at Hazelbrook Bowling Club - Wednesday, 11th April 2012 (Blue Mountains Region, covering Lower, Mid and Upper Mountains area(s))

Thursday at Castle Hill Bowling Club - Thursday, 12th April 2012 (The Hills Area(s))