Since the 1950s with thanks to many brilliant promoters, artists and Rock n Roll bands, Rock n Roll dancing has been a favourite past-time for all generations. During the 50s, especially from 1955 dancing especially Rock n Roll was freedom from the pressures of life, rules, home and school. It belonged to the teen-agers of that era and gave them some sense of belief for the future, joy and happiness.


According to Richard Powers on his website The Life of a 1950s teenager (Click here to read the full article):

"A significant proportion of the adult generation disapproved of the values and lifestyle of the teens, and were doing something about it, including setting new rules, restrictions and prohibitions.

  • Boy's hair touching the ears wasn't allowed, punishable by expulsion from school.
  • Most girls weren't allowed to wear pants, and boys weren't allowed to wear blue jeans.  Even Stanford University prohibited the wearing of jeans in public during the 1950s.
  • The new slang - hipster talk - bothered most adults.  It was part African American, part beatnik and part street gang... an offensive combination in the eyes of the status quo.
  • There was alarm about teens dating and "heavy petting."  Any talk about sex was taboo and could be punishable.
  • Many parents were worried about their daughters adoring black rock musicians, fearing the possibility of racial commingling.
  • Hot rods were considered dangerous.  All it took was a few fatal accidents and the other 99% of the custom cars and hot rods were considered a menace to public safety.
  • Dancing to rock'n'roll music was often banned, with school and teen dances shut down." you know a little of the lifestyle and culture from the 50s, let it be the driving factor to see the dancing culture, clothing and cars from the era remain active and real for many more generations.

We hope to see more feet on the dance floor and many more individuals, couples and families taking an active part in learning to dance and being apart of a group that truly appreciates Rock n Roll dancing, the music, clothing and cars and want nothing more than to keep it alive, treasured and maintained for many more generations.

The best week to learn to dance whether you have little or no dance experience is through our Fundamentals 1 Course that runs in repeated blocks of 5 weeks at all our current venues Monday - Thursday. You are invited to enrol on our next Week 1 which commences as follows:

Monday at Penrith RSL

Tuesday at Granville RSL (Parramatta Area(s))

Wednesday at Hazelbrook Bowling Club - (Blue Mountains Region, covering Lower, Mid and Upper Mountains area(s))

Thursday at Castle Hill Bowling Club - (The Hills Area(s))

 Keep those feet mooving and the body grooving with us all at Let's Moove N Groove Dance School.