ImageA brilliant weekend that saw a coach load of people come together to enjoy what ended up being a fun filled weekend packed with games, activities, prizes, awards, dancing, drinking, eating and just being merry.

The good wholesome fun was made even more enjoyable with the departure theme being Hats and/or Wigs. We were blessed with some Rock n Rollers from the Castle Hill area that took great care and plenty of attention to detail to utilise the skills and strengths of those in the group to come up with The Teapotters…see if you can spot them in the photos (photos coming soon)! From Sparkling Hats to Pink Sparkling Hair, TeaPotter labels and branded clothing what a great bunch to go to extraordinary efforts. Even our after pyjama party saw a couple of jail breakers (you know who you are) seek refuge with us…and that is about the only thing we can say about that! For your continued reading pleasure some details are left to the memory of those that attended.


Saturday saw the group arrive at Hunter Resort and the Blue Tongue Brewery for a fantastic wine taste and tour of the property. We enjoyed a lovely, pleasant and light lunch and was entertained by their local “Santana”. What a great artist…we saw a few people enjoy a quick dance for fun.

Many thanks to Kenneth and his team from Weston Workers Club restaurant. We all thoroughly enjoyed the value, quality and amount of food. Well done. Thank you to the staff and locals at Weston Workers Club on the Saturday night for making us feel welcomed. The Midnight Drifters did an outstanding job Rocking Weston Workers club and providing good quality sound and songs for everyone to dance to. Many thanks to the resident DJ Brian Bean and Linda Baker from Rock To It for being friendly, making us feel welcomed and taking time out to get to know us. We hope to come again and wish Weston, Brian Bean and Linda Baker every success for their endeavours.

Sunday the group enjoyed a fantastic breakfast before check out at HVHA, Kurri Kurri. Many thanks to the professional and friendly staff that made our overnight stay enjoyable and pleasant. With full bellies and the coach packed and loaded off the group went to rounds of cheese, wine, wine, okay some olives and condiments and more wine and beer on the Sunday.

We hope you will join us again in 2012.

Road Tripper Testimonials 2011

Here are a few reports from some great dancers that attended our Road Trip in May 2011.

Thank you Petar & Amanda for a great road trip, we had a blast, and thank you to all the travel partners who came along and made it a weekend to remember, it was very well organised and Soooo much fun, can’t wait to do it again, Congratulation guys, Terry & Maria. :-) 31/05/2011 11:20am

Thanks Amanda & Petar for the huge effort you put into the weekend away. It all went so well, but a lot of that was because you worked so hard behind the scenes!! We had a great time – & slept VERY well last night. A good trip, great people, lots of fun & laughter. We are a lucky lot of rock n rollers. :) Lesley 30/05/2011 5:08pm

LMNG Hunter valley road trip hangover
Another wine drunk,Another song danced,Another great night rocked by the LMNG crew,And another after PJ party survived… Thank you to miss Amanda and mr Petar for there time,effort,patience and love of rock n roll… And lastly Kahla and I would highly recommend to any rockers,rollers,friends and family to attend next years or any other LMNG wonderful functions. Doug 30/05/2011 3:07pm

I had an excellent weekend, thank u so much for caring enough to organise trips like that, may there b many more <3 :) Lynne 30/05/2011 2:12pm

Thanks for the great road trip made even better but great company. Another successful event. well done Amanda. Dennis 30/05/2011 9:46am

Thank you is not enough for everything you did this weekend. Petar and amanda you are both amazing people and my world is a much better place beacuse you are in it. With deep and sincere gratitude, thank you xxx lee-anne 29/05/2011 9:18pm

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