Rock n Lawn Bowls 2012 Group PhotoLMNG's Halloween Rock 'n' Lawn Bowls event was celebrated on Saturday, 27th October 2012 with a touch of terrifying colour and a pinch of scary characters. The event was held at Rydalmere Bowling Club on Victoria Road. The day began with the following students attaining their Bronze Level Medal in Rock 'n' Roll dancing: Michael; Megan, Rebecca, Emma-Lee, Darcy, John, Sharen, Madinah and Phillip. Congratulations to each of them and we look forward to continued development and achievement of higher levels.

Once the medals were completed we awaited the arrival of our bowlers! It really was a horrific site with special mentions to our Best Best Dressed and almost unrecognisable Julie, Madinah, Terry, Michael, John, Donna and Bradley. To our very creative Circus Scary Bec, Emma-Lee, Tori, Darcy and Kerry!

3pm struck the clock and out on the greens we were being instructed by the brilliant professional Rydalmere Team consisting of Daniel and Cameron! What great guys and we have to thank them and the club very much for having us and looking after us.

6pm came so quickly and we sat down in the auditorium for a meal by Green's Bistro - it couldn't have been Halloween without the scrumptious Pumpkin Soup...mmm!

8pm and we all the hit the floor for a colourful evening of dancing including some famous hits like the Time Warp and Michael Jackson's Thriller. Again, it was one of those nights that unfortunately had to come to end until next time we meet for another Halloween Rock 'n' Lawn Bowls 2013


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