Mark and Gina Borg Born Again Elvis @ Winter Wonderland BallOh what a night! The only disappointment was that the night had to come to an end.

On Saturday, 28th July 2012 the Hornesywood Hall at Penrith RSL (where we hold our Rock n Roll dance classes on Monday night) was filled to capacity with many Moovers N Groovers. The night began with guests being ushered to their tables, followed up by a three course meal served by Maze Catering at Penrith RSL. During the first course a team of Moove N Groove Dancers entertained the crowd with a Lindy Hop performance with an intermission of the leaders dancing whilst the followers were secretly changing and then the big finale with the whole team dancing up a storm to Shake Rattle n Roll.

By the time the second course was being served Gina Borg was already front and centre singing to the crowd with her beauty, soul filling and angelic voice. There was still more to come. All of a sudden the music changed and Gina Borg did a wonderful job of introducing a special guest performer, yes that is right ELVIS by Mark Borg (Born Again Elvis) entered the building. What a performance! So, so, so much joy and heaps of audience involvement and interaction. This was definitely the stand out for the night.

Dessert was served and the band was almost ready to go...yes that is right our night including Peter Cole's boys from Bad Sneakers. The band started off the night at 8pm and were finished at 11:30pm. The night was also filled in with our resident LMNG DJ keeping the grooves pumping during the band breaks so that everyone could keep on mooving.

So many guys and dolls went to great effort to get dressed up for this auspicious occasion including hair and make-up with the best dressed for the night being rewarded with prizes. Lucky door prizes for ticket holders were also drawn and prizes for our loyal students with finished blue and green class passes and loyalty cards were also drawn. There were over 30 prizes given out on the night and many many thank you announcements. Thank you to Terry from Terry's Mt Druitt Printing Services for printing our flyers and tickets and thank you to Rod and Tina from Krimpi's Wholesale Bakery for providing our favours for everyone - the chocolate chip cookies were scrumptious!


Sincere thanks to everyone that attended. Through your presence you all truly made it an enjoyable and memorable evening.

We hope you will look forward to next year's Winter Wonderland Ball which has been locked in at Penrith RSL in the Hornesywood Hall on Saturday, 27th July 2013. Details to be confirmed early 2013.

Stay in touch and stay tuned for more social and events. Our next workshop and dance party is this Saturday, 11th August 2012 for details click here. Followed by our next big event the Halloween Rock n Lawn Bowl for details click here.

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Hope you will enjoy the photos.


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