ImageOnce again Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ together with some of their rock n roll dancers from all levels attended the St Mary’s Spring Festival for 2011. It was another great day shared with some friends that share a common love and interest for Rock n Roll and all things old – Vintage FM 87.6 .  The St Marys Spring Festival in 2011 was a huge hit, with many families, local talent including dancers, singers, bands and more, community members, local council, small business, local community radio stations, stall holders, attractions and amusements and Channel 9 weather reports all out in support of such a fantastic day! We are already looking forward to the September 2012 St Marys Spring Festival.

We were lucky to have the brilliant opportunity to demonstrate on stage what Rock n Roll dancing from the 50s/60s is and how much fun it is. Whilst we were on stage we took the time to conduct a mini rock n roll dance class and had some great support from young and promising little Rock n Roll dancers. This dance class allowed those in the crowd to participate and get a feel for the fun and joy of Rock n Roll dancing. As a token of appreciation for participants we offered a complimentary 2 for 1 pass to pay Week 1 and receive Week 2 free of any of LMNG’s Rock n Roll dancing beginner courses.


A quick moment to thank all our regulars who came out and spared a moment to share in this full day from 9:30am to 2:30pm must be shared. Without the passion and love for Rock n Roll dancing from our regular and loyal students, then Rock n Roll would just become a thing of the past. But here we are living Rock n Roll every day and every week. Remember Rock n Roll dancing is more than just dancing – we go to so many places, meet so many fabulous people and make friends for life. Rock n Roll dancing is a community and a culture and a dream! We must also thank Vintage FM 87.6 where “old is good” for allowing us the opportunity to be present and supporting the day with their outdoor broadcasts and the PT Cruiser that provided us with some much needed 50s/60s music We have attached some photos from the day.

Regular rock n roll dance classes are held every week at Penrith RSL on a Monday Night, Granville RSL on Tuesday night, Hazelbrook Bowling Club on Wednesday Night, Castle Hill Bowling Club on Thursday night starting from 7pm. We also hold a regular Rock n Roll REVIVAL Dance Party every Friday night at Rydalmere Bowling Club free from 8pm.

We hope you will continue to enjoy and love Rock n Roll with Let’s Moove n Groove.

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