Let’s Moove n Groove rock n roll dancers were once again supporting another fantastic fundraiser in cooperation with Castle Hill RSL for the local Tallowood Special Needs School. The event is held next door to Castle Hill Bowling Club where we hold regular weekly Rock n Roll dance classes every Thursday night and beginner courses every 5 weeks on Thursday night.

The photos provide a glimpse of the amazing colours, bright and sunny day and fun times that were shared on the day amongst friends and family. We hope you will join us soon and share some of the Rock n Roll spirit that will provide you with lots of joy in your life.

Many thanks to all the moovers n groovers that took some time out of their weekend to support this special event, including those that came along to hand out flyers, provided moral support and DANCED DANCED DANCED. You all rock and are greatly appreciated.


Visit our website if you would like to know more about Rock n Roll dance classes in Castle Hillwww.letsmoovengroove.com.au as Rock n Roll dance classes at Castle Hill Bowling Club are your local friendly rockers that will give you, your family, your friends, your loved ones and your other groups much love and joy through the experience of learning to dance Rock n Roll and dancing in general.

There is always plenty of things to do and lots of events and things on to keep you active, entertained and out of the house away from boredom. We are a group that is full on with socialising, keeping fit, having fun and enjoying life.

 Can’t wait to meet you!

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