Fantastic weather, fantastic people, great attractions, stalls and fantastic food could only mean one fantastic day out at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School and Parish’s 50th Anniversary at Mt Pritchard on Sunday, 5th June 2011!

Many thanks to the wonderful supporters of LMNG for taking time out to learn the School Days routine and perform in front of a live crowd. Our performers on Sunday, 5th June 2011 included Bernice, David, Emma-Lee, Julie, Armand, Samantha, Aaron, Phil, Angela, Steve, Amanda and Petar. We meet some great people and had the crowd all excited when we gave them the experience of dance with some great ol’ mooves including Elvis Legs, Basic (Ball/Heel) footwork and basic 20s Charleston. You gotta love dancing anywhere, everywhere and all the time!


You just never who you meet, there are always past friends, old schoolies and the odd celebrity here and there. Yes, celebrities, Amanda had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the cute Brando – “Marlon Brando”, okay he was all white, small and fury and apparently a cross between a Maltese/Shitzu and other breads…it was just too adorable not to capture.

Like always the group enjoyed a quiet afternoon at Mounties for some much needed rehydration and meals.

We look forward to many more men, women, mums and dads with their families enjoying the experience and fun that Rock n Roll dancing can bring to life. We have dance venues at local clubs and RSL’s in Penrith, Granville, Hazelbrook, Castle Hill.

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