What an awesome exhibition and a privilege for all of us to have a look at the amazing display of Elvis artefact’s and memorabilia. Many thanks to Greg Page (ex-Yellow Wiggle) for his generosity and kindness in allowing part of his collection to go on display. Thanks to Stockland Baulkham Hills and all the other people and organisations for ensuring the success of such a wonderful and historic event. The display will still be available for viewing over the Easter long weekend along with plenty of entertainment! It is our high recommendation that you take some time out to have a look and be apart of the experience! They are raising money for the Salvation Army and are only asking for a kind $2 donation per person to go through the display. Elvis: “His Treasures, His Story Exhibition at Stockland Baulkham Hills is on for 3 weeks with the last day being 29th April 2011.

Many thanks must go to our Rock n Roll dancers who always find some time to support these community events and demonstrations. We appreciate your time and value your commitment to our cause in keeping Rock n Roll dancing alive for generations to experience and enjoy! Rock n Roll dancing is truly so much fun, as it is always more than the dancing – it is all about the people that share the dancing, the music, the culture, the era and much more.


This article would not be complete without mentioning the head-line act! CONGRATULATIONS to The Rockin Heartbeats ( on their debut performance. They have a new line up with the newest member – Nick (Lead Singer) who is really ‘shaking things up’ for the crowds and getting all the ladies heartbeats pumping. The ‘temperture is surely rising’ with The Rockin Heartbeats and if you are a club, pub or bar owner, a promotor or manager or you are organising your own private function; this is one band that will take the roof-off and ensure that it is one PART-AY for all to enjoy! If you would like more details or would like to get in contact with the band phone or email our office and we will be glad to pass on their details. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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