Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ’s Rock n Roll dancers enjoyed 2 days at the Penrith Show with Vintage FM 87.6 on Saturday, 28th August 2010 and Sunday, 29th August 2010. Many thanks for all the encouragement and support from those who were unable to attend and especially for those that committed hours on either 1 or both days to showcase how easy, fun and friendly the original and popular 50s/60s Rock n Roll dancing is. As always it is such a pleasure to be able to sit back afterwards and enjoy a quiet afternoon chatting at a cafe or bar.


Fabulous friendships have been formed and many good, better and best times have been shared amongst the group. We have even laughed once or twice and shared the joy of being able to show off our ‘holey’ shoes from dancing on concrete. We hope you will enjoy the photos that will continue to remind us of all the good times had and to come as we continue to socialise, enjoy life and get out and about!

As a thank you to all those that attend our demonstrations and Rock n Roll dance the day/afternoon away we encourge you to present your PINK Let’s Moove n Groove Dance & DJ Loyalty Card for a stamp to build up for discounts and free Rock n Roll dance classes. Should you not have a Loyalty Card then ask someone on the LMNG team to hook you up with one at our Rock n Roll dance classes!

Remember learning to Rock n Roll dance can be so much more than just dancing, it can help you to be apart of something truly special and memorable!


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