Bligh Park Rock n Roll Demonstration Roundup

ImageWe would like to thank all the Moovers n Groover for spending a nice day out at the Bligh Park Tavern Rod and Custom Car Show. The main day involved raising funds for prostate cancer. There were a lot of cars out and of high quality.

The Moovers n Groovers where showcasing how much fun Rock n Roll dancing can be while the band was playing. The band on the day was called Rough Stock you can hear then and checkout there upcoming gigs on there


We had so much fun dancing and had a great day. Remember our new beginner Rock n Roll dance classes start this coming week with all venues starting week one from the 26th July to the 29th July 2010.

To see all the photos of the day and some of the cool cars that where on Display have a look in gallery.

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