Let's Moove n Groove Vintage Rock n Roll DancersOn Saturday, 16th March 2013 Hight Street, Penrith was alive with colour, glamour, dancers in the sky and on the street, impersonators, singers, performers and entertainers. The spirit was high, the weather fabulous!

Our dance studio (Let's Moove N Groove) along with many dancers and the wonderful and friendly team at Vintage FM 87.6 were in attendance. Vintage FM were one of the sponsors for the festival and went to an amazing effort to organise a black and white floor for our team to dance on! Thanks a million! It really made the photos taken look very impressive. If you haven't been in the car to listen to 87.6 then you can listen from your computer visit their website by clicking here.


Shout outs and massive thanks to Allison from Priceline Pharmacy on Hight Street Penrith - we needed sunscreen and some towels and she looked after us very well! Her service was friendly, professional and she was in the know on products; which is always handy when you are in a hurry! Mario from the local surf shop (Off the Edge Ski and Surf) on Station Street opposite Tattersells was kind, friendly and accommodating to allow our group to take over his fitting rooms, we needed somewhere for our dancers to put their LMNG shirts on! Thanks a bunch!

Community festivals and small local businesses are always keeping it real by supporting and being part of their local. When you are ever in the area don't be afraid to just stop in and say hello or say thank you to someone that has done something amazing. Always, remember that it is the little things that we do that form a collective and can make a positive change or just simply make someone's day!

Take care and enjoy the few photos that we were lucky enough to snap up!!!

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