The Cha Cha Workshop and Dance Party held on Saturday, 21st April 2012, was very well attended and we thank everyone for your support, attention and engaging participation. We hope you have all been practicing with style, hip action and arms moving in a natural and subtle way generally rhythmically coordinated with the movement of the body. We have summarised some information as covered at the workshop and we hope you will join us again when we re-visit the Cha Cha Cha!


The Cha Cha evolved from one of three versions of the Mambo, a dance born in Cuba and introduced to the West in 1947. The "Triple Mambo", one of those versions, became very popular in the early 1950s and was subsequently renamed the Cha Cha. As music always dictates the dance, the triple or split-beat steps were inserted when a slower version of the Mambo was being played.


The Cha Cha is a lively, fun and expressive dance, which uses a "ball Flat" foot action and keeps the body over the feet. The legs and hips are used to produce a physically rhythmical movement that compliments the music. This dance is performed in closed position as well as single handhold, double handhold and solo movements.


Danced in 4/4 timing, the music has 4 even beats with the accent on the first beat of the bar and additional half beat between the fourth and first beat.

Figures covered

Please remember to keep practicing your Cha Cha Cha.

1) Basic solo (facing each other);

2) Basic single hand hold;

3) Basic double hand hold;

4) Underarm Turn;

5) New Yorker;

6) Spot Turn;

7) Shoulder to Shoulder;

8) Girl Turn / Guy Turn / Girl Turn;

9) Side by Side.


Many thanks once again for supporting another quality and fun workshop by Let's Moove N Groove Dance & DJ. We look forward to your comments, feedback and would love to know whether you would like more Cha Cha Cha in the future!!!