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A Rock n Roll and blues influenced band that are still touring and very active across the US and Canada today are the Steve Miller Band. What a treat for all Australians if they were to bring a tour down under. This band plays some good ol' wholesome and classic rock n roll tunes that are easy to listen too, enjoy and have hints of rhythm and blues, country and rock. Some of their songs include:


- Rock N Me (Keep on Rock n me baby...)
- Gangster of Love
- The Joker

One of the Steve Miller songs whilst not necessarily Rock n Roll titled Dance, Dance, Dance tells a brilliant story and quotes that if you dance you'll never grow old! It promotes going out to dance dance dance all night long. This friendly song and the friendly/understandable lyrics contained within the song combined with the uplifting, quirky and fun country rhythm with guitars and harmonicas just makes you feel good, nice and you just feel like going out to dance dance dance. If you need inspiration to dance, find the music that inspires the music within. Find something that speaks directly to you and turns your soul spinning and makes your heart pump and jump out with joy.

To learn more about the Steve Miller Band visit their official website http://www.stevemillerband.com/