Learn to dance Rock 'n' Roll and Swing dancing in a fun, friendly, exciting and professional environment. We hold regular Adult Rock 'n' Roll dance classes as well as Swing dancing classes across Sydney and Western Sydney.

You will have plenty of chances to dedicate and devote your time to learning to dance Rock 'n' Roll or Swing dancing (Lindy Hop) at our weekly group dance classes and being involved with Rock 'n' Roll dancing at socials, events and workshop, to improve your fitness, general well-being and friendships.

We conduct two nights of Rock 'n' Roll Dance classes every week in the Sydney, The Hills, and Western Sydney, these are listed below. On our Monday and Thursday dance nights we run two different levels of rock 'n' roll classes starting with our fun and easy 5 week FUNdamentals (Basic/Beginners) Dance Classes at 7pm, and our Intermediate/Open Dance classes at 7:45pm.

Our Lindy Hop/Jitterbug/Swing Dance Classes are held on Monday night at Penrith RSL and also on Thursday night at Castle Hill Bowling Club.

Please click on the club name to take you to details about the specific venue location and class times that you are interested in:


Adult Dance Classes - Let's Rock 'n' Roll

Monday and Thursday rock n roll dance class starts at 7pm. For more information on course dates click on the links below:-

Monday night held at PENRITH RSL - RnR 

Thursday night held at CASTLE HILL BOWLING CLUB - RnR


Adult Dance Classes - Let's Lindy Hop/Jitterbug/Swing Dancing

Monday night held at PENRITH RSL - Lindy Hop/Swing 

Thursday night held at CASTLE HILL BOWLING CLUB - Lindy Hop/Swing

At all venues please respect and show regard for the rules and regulations, policies and procedures of the clubs, rsl's and also Let's Moove n Groove. Everyone is welcome (individuals and couples) to join the fun and life fulfilling style of dance being Rock n Roll or Swing Dancing and dance the night away with the Lindy Hop. We encourage and promote that everyone involved with Let's Moove n Groove should be able to enjoy a dance school that is free from violence, drugs, bullying, harassment, unsocial, immoral and unethical behaviour. The principals will not tolerate any said behaviour and reserve the right to refuse entry to any person(s). Clubs are licensed venues so please do not BYO! 

The dance styles of Rock 'n' Roll and Swing (Lindy Hop) are still popular and danced at clubs all over Australia. The styles are portrayed in movies like Grease, American Graffiti, Day of the Races, many of the old Elvis movies and many more. The Rock n Roll artists from the era and beyond include Johnny O'Keefe, Elvis Presley, The Big Bopper, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Billy Idol, AC/DC and The Contours, The Supremes, Deltones and many more...