Below you will read some basic descriptions about the five main dance styles that we cover in our dance school.
Should you be interested in:


Rock 'n' Roll

The basic actions in Rock 'n' Roll are executed as either, flat triple step, pressure step, flick step, continental nine step, tap step.  Our general Rock 'n' Roll dance lessons focus on the 'pressure step' 6 count basic Rock 'n' Roll. Our Advance Rock 'n' Roll class will cover more content, technique and musicality. 

Learn Rock 'n' Roll with us Monday's at Penrith RSL and Thursday's at Castle Hill Bowling Club, click here for Penrith start dates, click here for Castle Hill start dates.

Lindy Hop

Characterises the swing era, danced to combinations of 4, 6 & 8 count patterns, mainly 8.  The basic's being the 8-count swing-outs, Lindy Circles, Charleston’s are generally the first moves taught in our Lindy Hop dance classes. These basics depict the expressions of freedom which was the basis of this dance.  Lindy Hop lifts are a continuous flow of the dance and have a wild, somewhat untidy character. Lindy Hop Aerial work is generally taught via a controlled workshop or through private lessons. 

Learn Lindy Hop with us Monday's at Penrith RSL and Thursday's at Castle Hill bowling Club, click here for Penrith start datesclick here for Castle Hill start dates
NB: Partners required. 


The Harlem

The Harlem was a dance style created and designed by Jan O'Shea (Australia's Queen and leading lady of Swing). The Harlem preserves patterns and steps that are uniquely Australian. Danced to combinations of 4, 6 & 8 count patterns, with the emphasis being on 6 & 8 count. Basic 6 being a flat chasse movement, minimal back step and characterised by the staccato steps of hesitations, waist spins, swing outs; very smooth styling, using the rhythms of the music.  

Learn The Harlem with us via our upcoming workshop at Rydalmere Bowling Club, click here for details regarding our Harlem workshop. (you will be re-directed to our Facebook Event)


Freestyle (Lift-work for Rock 'n' Roll)

Our freestyle classes are strictly by appointment and run in a controlled workshop forum or as a private lesson. 



The basic actions are to 1 bar of music, 4-count, no back step, basic hand holds and danced anticlockwise, either lay back or forward. 
We currently do not include Rockabilly in our regular time-table but from time to time run extra curricular activities through workshops.