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2012 Christmas Message from Petar and Amanda

Christmas message from Petar and Amanda Pavlovic

As another year comes to a quick close, 2015 awaits us enthusiastically to turn up the heat and get passionate about our goals and things that make us happy.

We hope that you all feel that partner dance especially Rock 'n' Roll and Swing/Lindy Hop will form part of your future goals and passion. Our wish is that it continues to be something you naturally look forward to, love and are happy to continue to discover and experience.


Find the time to relax and stay calm, because no matter how hard your day or situation may be, you will cope better and think clearly with composure and peace. Life and dancing is not easy, they are both journeys filled with wonder and beauty on one hand and on the other filled with hurdles, obstacles and challenges.

Be dedicated, focus and feel deeply about all that you do and pace yourself so that your energy will be high all year and you get the most out of your days, weeks, months and year and of course dance and dance some more!

Please drive safely over this festive season and remember that Double Demerits are in force! Double Demerits apply for speeding, not wearing a seat belt or child restraint, or helmet if you are riding a motorcycle.

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year

Please note that the office will be closed from Saturday, 20th December 2014 to Sunday, 4th January 2015.



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