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Let's Moove N Groove Dance & DJ are very proud to present a structured Lindy Hop dance class. You do not have to wait for a special workshop in Triple Step, Swing or Lindy Hop. You can enrol now and take the time to learn over a period of 15 weeks.

Let's start with some history about the Lindy Hop. The name 'Lindy Hop' is said to be inspired by Charles Lindbergh's flight to paris in 1927, when the newspaper headline read, "LINDY HOPS THE ATLANTIC". 

In the Golden Age of the Lindy Hop at places like the Savoy Ballroom you will find many great dancers and many of these great dancers formed amazing dance teams:

Tiny Bunch, Congaroo Dancers, Sandra Gibson, George Grenidge, Leon James, Ann Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Al Minns, Mildred Pollard, Ruthie Rheingold (Ettin), Billy Ricker, Willa Mae Ricker, Harry Rosenberg (Rowe), Naomi Waller, Russell Williams, Whitey's Lindy Hoppers.

Of these greats the man that contributed the most to the Lindy Hop and creating the first air step at a competition in front of 2,000 people was Frankie Manning. Frankie Manning was a performer, dancer, choreographer, innovator and most importantly was an Ambassador of Lindy Hop. At this point it is also important to recognise the first generation dancers that included: Shorty George, Leroy Stretch Jones, Twistmouth George.

Lindy Hop was the original form of swing dancing, danced to swing music that evolved from the Charleston period and become it's own style. Predominately, danced to big bands or music that 'swings'. Here in Australia in the early days, Lindy Hop was actually known as Jitterbug, quite similar but once again we evolved as dancers with the influence from America as sailors and as visitors came out. Lindy Hop dominated dance halls throughout the period of the Great Depression. Swing music was infectious, joyful and allowed the soul to feel free, the body to move and the dancers enjoyed happiness through dancing and dancing the Lindy Hop.

We would like you to Discover the Lindy Hop for yourself and we encourage you to enrol for our upcoming course at Granville RSL starting Tuesday, 24th July till Tuesday, 30th October 2012. The total course cost is only $225pp and their are instalment and casual rate options available. For more details please click here.


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