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End of Year Gig Guide 2012

WOW yes it is back and we have finally been able to sit down for a few hours every day this week to compile as best we could an updated Dancers Gig Guide for the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

There is always work to be done and many more bands and clubs to add. For instance Granville RSL has bands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but do not have them listed on a Website, Smithfield RSL has bands every weekend and I have yet to complete the list, Club Marconi does a Rock 'n' Roll night once a month and so forth. 

We would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank those people that phoned and emailed from various suburbs in NSW and also from interstate. We would like to sincerely thank you for your kind words and appreciating our Dancers Gig Guide. We also needed the 'come on'!

Please continue to enjoy our Gig Guide and for those of you who are not aware but our Dancers Gig Guide does take many hours and we do our best to find time to research various clubs and bands and various entertainment options.

We would like to thank the Clubs, Pubs and RSL's for supporting the local bands, community and dancers by providing good quality bands for all to enjoy. To all of you who choose for whatever reason not to support various clubs, just remember if the support for the bands and DJ's providing you with the entertainment and the support for dancing doesn't continue then we will continue to suffer the loss of great floors and great venues for bands and dancers to enjoy!

Clubs always existed for and to bring together and assist their local community and we should remember that always! Regardless of the propaganda, politics and other issues. Please have empathy because just like each of us they suffer adversity and challenges and look for ways to survive and ensure their existence. So, with that being said we look forward to you all getting around, experiencing and visiting not only your local clubs but other clubs as well.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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